B. Logistical Services                                                                                                      

1. Procurement                                                                                                               

                a.            Capability Enhancement Program                                                                            

                b.            Conduct of Procurement                                                                             

2. Supply Management                                                                                                                

                a.            Issuance and Distribution                                                                            

                                1.            Provision of Office Supplies and Police Supplies Allocation (Regionwide)                                                               

                                                a.            Office supplies and other materials                                        

                                                b.            Computer supplies                                         

                                                c.             Janitorial supplies                                           

                                                d.            Electrical supplies                                            

                                                e.            Tires                                     

                                                f.             Batteries                                             

                                                g.            Spare parts                                        

                                                h.            PIE                                         

                                2.            Provision of POL Allocation (Regionwide)                                                             

                                                a.            Extra                                     

                                                b.            Diesel                                   

                                3.            Provision of Ammo Allocation                                                   

                                                a.            Cal 9mm                                              

                                                b.            Cal 5.56 / M16                                   

                                                c.             Cal .45                                  

                                4.            Provision of Awards/ Memento (Regionwide)                                                   

                                5.            Packing, Crating, Hauling and Transporting of Supplies and Equipment                                                   

                b.            Supply Inventory, Inspection and Accounting                                                                    

                c.             Repair and Maintenance of Equipment                                                                 

                                1.            Repair and Maintenance of Mobility                                                      

                                2.            Repair and Maintenance of Office Equipment                                                   

                                3.            Repair and Maintenance of Commo Equipment                                                

                                4.            Repair and Maintenance of IT Equipment                                                            

                                5.            Repair and Maintenance of Other Property, Plant and Equipment                           

                d.            Registration of vehicles                                                                

                e.            Insurance of vehicles                                                                    

                f.             Fidelity Bond/ Insurance of Buildings                                                                     

3. Property Management                                                                                                            

                a.            Real Estate Management                                                                            

                                1.            Survey of PNP Solely Used Lots                                                

                                2.            Titling of PNP Lots                                                           

                                1.            Training/Seminar on Real Estate Management                                                  

                b.            Infrastructure and Facilities Management                                                                           

                                1.            Repair of PNP buildings                                                

                                2.            Inspection of constructed and repaired buildings                                                             

                                3.            Repair of water lines                                                     

                                4.            Replacement of defective and/or installation of new electrical lines/fixtures                                       5.                Payment of fixed expenditures                                                

                                                a.            Payment of Electric Bills                                               

                                                b.            Payment of water Bills                                  

                                                c.             Payment of Communication Bills                                                              

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