GENERAL ADMINISTRATION AND SUPPORT                                                                                       

A.            General Administrative and Support Services                                                                                    

1.            General Management and Supervision                                                                                 

A.            Personnel and Records Management                                                                                    

1.            Recruitment/ Selection Program                                                                                             

                a.            Recruitment of Qualified Applicants                                                                       

                                1.            Recruitment of PO1                                                       

                                                a.            New Positions (Regular Quota)                                 

                                                b.            Vacancies due to Attrition                                           

                                2.            Recruitment of Lateral Entry                                                      

                                                a.            PNPA                                   

                                                b.            Lateral Entry                                      

                                3.            Appointment of Non-Uniformed Personnel                                                       

                b.            Implementation of Standardized Recruitment and Updated and Appropriate Holistic Psychometric Exam                                                                               

                                1.            Implementation of Holistic Psychometric Exam                                                 

2.            Discipline, Law and Order Program                                                                                          

                a.            Establishment of pool of credible SHOs                                                                 

                b.            Stringent implementation of LOI Patnubay                                                                         

                c.             Implementation of Zero Backlog on Admin Cases                                                                             

                d.            Strict implementation of Attrition System                                                                            

                e.            Strenghtening of Legal Affairs Program                                                                 

                f.             Establish Case Monitoring Database System                                                                       

                                1.            Establishment of database system                                                          

                                2.            Issuance of Clearance/ Non-Pending/Pending Case Cerificate/ Duty Status                                                         

3.            Morale Welfare Program                                                                                             

                a.            PNP Incentives and Benefits Program                                                                   

                b.            Special Promotion, Awards                                                                         

                c.             Regular Awards                                                                               

                                1.            PNP Anniversary (Regional)                                                       

                                2.            Regular Monday Flag Raising                                                      

                                3.            Individual Awards                                                           

                d.            Housing Program                                                                            

                e.            Health Care Program                                                                     

                f.             Educational Assistance/ Scholarship Program                                                                     

                g.            Pre Retirement and Retirement Assistance Program                                                                      

                h.            Spiritual and Pastoral Care Program                                                                        

4.            Placement and Promotion                                                                                          

                a.            Strict implementation of policies on Promotion based on merit and fitness                                                                          

                                1.            Deliberation Activities of Promotion Board and Secretariat                                                          

                                2.            Promotion Program (other 2nd Level Ranks)                                                      

                                3.            Promotion of                  Non-Uniformed Personnel                                                            

                b.            Strict implementation of Placement System                                                                       

                                1.            Deliberation Activities of Senior Officers Promotion and Placement Board and Secretariat                                                            

                                2.            Processing and Placement of 3rd Level PCOs to Key Position                                                      

                                3.            Evaluation and Processing of Transfer/ Reassignment of Personnel                                                         

                                4.            Evaluation and Placement of NUP                                                           

5.            Records Management                                                                                  

                a.            Strict implementation of Personnel Electronics Records Management System (PERMS)                                                                 

                                1.            Decentralization of PERMS                                                         

                                2.            Establish pool of PERMS Managers/Processors                                                 

                b.            Strict implementation of Personnel Accounting Information System (PAIS)                                                                         

                                1.            Updating/Creation of Individual Police Personal File (Electronic and Hard Copy)                                                 

                                2.            Scanning and Storage of Files                                                    

                                3.            Filing of Records and Authentication of copies                                                   

                                4.            Updating and maintenance of Personnel Database                                                         

                                5.            Printing of Regular Generated Personnel Reports/Profile                                                            

                c.             Issuance of Personnel records and requirements                                                                            

                                1.            Issuance of PNP ID                                                        

                                2.            Issuance of Service Record                                                         

                                3.            Issuance of Certificate of Legal Beneficiaries                                                      

                                4.            Issuance of Leave Credits and Issuance of Leave Orders                                                               

                                5.            Issuance of Orders                                                         

                                6.            Printing of Personal Data Sheet (PDS)                                                    

                                7.            Printing of Performance Evaluation Form (PER)                                                 

                                8.            Printing of Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Network Form (SALN)                     

                d.            Daily Police Personnel Accounting and Reporting             


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