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RPSB-ARMM Transformation

This RPSB-ARMMt started to revitalize the Battalion Camp through restoration and innovation of facilities with the initiative of the Acting Battalion Commander, PSSUPT Marlon A Tayaba and support of personnel formed and instigated a useful idea to make this office conducive for working and livable place during leisure activities.

As true shadow of transformation, this unit initiated development through renovation of facilities in the last thirty-six days in office of the newly-installed commandant. Such development on the facilities and its surroundings are: RPSB Conference Room which served as venue for staff meetings, seminars, and special gatherings, fixed damage electrical equipment to avoid unnecessary electrical short circuit, repainting of rooftops and roof plugging, repair of damaged windows and ceilings, positioned big containers filled with water to be used in case of conflagration established in front of admin and operation building , set vegetables and flowers in the garden, painted the RPSB logo and installation of office signage in every sections. Likewise, this unit planned to establish an Officer’s lounge and physical fitness gym in days to come.

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